El museo de reproducciones fotograficas

Founded in 2007, el museo de reproducciones fotograficas is a lending collection of more than 1,200 high-quality, commercially printed reproductions, clipped from books on art, architecture, design, and crafts. Over the course of three years, selections of it were regularly on view at Triple Candie and elsewhere in the New York tri-state area. Triple Candie donated the collection to the Deste Foundation in Athens in 2010. It remains an active lending collection to this day.

The Museo collection was created by Triple Candie for several reasons. First, it provided a means of educating a local (Harlem) public about art history by providing them access to so-called great works -- in the tradition of the great cast and copy museums of the 19th and early 20th centuries (e.g. Musee des Copies, Paris; El Museo Nacional de Reproducciones Artisticas, Madrid; etc.). Secondly, it provided Triple Candie with an inexpensive alternative to borrowing artworks or working directly with artists. Finally, it underscored Triple Candie's interest in "re-fetishizing the reproduction" following its widespread de-valuation in the 20th century.

When the Museo was first exhibited in its entirety at Triple Candie in 2007, Frieze magazine described it "as a project that asks questions about the authenticity of the experience of looking at art, and the ownership of masterpieces and artefacts."






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Press Coverage

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Original presentation at Triple Candie, 2007
"Selections from the Museo de Reproducciones Fotograficas" in Triple Candie's Case Space, 2009
Installed at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, 2008
Installed at SUNY Purchase as part of the Bulletin Board Program, 2009 (curated by Jeff Eaton)