The New York Times, July 31, 2014

"Turning Tables on Market Forces: 'Living with Pop,' Capitalist Realism at Artists Space."

By Holland Cotter

* * *

Note: This feature review contained the followed paragraph on Triple Candie:

...Its reconstruction of the original “Living With Pop” consists almost exclusively of ephemera: a preserved invitation, a script prepared for the evening, elated letters, a clipped newspaper review, fleshed out with photographs. The few Capitalist Realism events that followed, including, in 1964, a guerrilla group show of paintings outside a dealer’s home, are similarly evoked.

New York has seen precedents for this type of art-free art exhibition, notably the terrific examples produced by Triple Candie, a nonprofit gallery once in Harlem, now in Philadelphia. Triple Candie’s shows, among them a retrospective of an artist who never existed, have been conceptually zany and visually imaginative. The one at Artists Space is fact based and textual...


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