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Dexter Sinister: A Rare Case of Improving Upon the Original (November 24 through December 23, 2010)

This exhibition was based on Dexter Sinister's The Plastic Arts, an installation at Gallery 400, University of Illinois, Chicago. Presented under the glass canopy of an antique museum case, it consisted of one of the texts from that show -- printed as a poster -- alongside three successive versions of itself. The new iterations were created by feeding the original text through a graphic design filter, which abstracted its words and letters into crystaline fragments. Also in the display case are two chiseled pieces of concrete that have been blasted from the sidewalk in front of Triple Candie.

Dexter Sinister was not consulted on or involved with this exhibition.

This exhibition was re-presented in 2011 at the ICA in Portland, Maine. For info, click here >

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About Dexter Sinister: Dexter Sinister works as a publishing imprint, a workshop/bookstore based in New York, and an exhibiting artist making art shows and events.











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Dexter Sinister: The Plastic Arts, at the University of Illinois, Chicago, 2010