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Pieces of Ohio (February 15 - April 4, 2010)

For this exhibition, Triple Candie presented dozens of images cut from Ohio Photomagazine. The images were displayed out of sequence on a wall and grouped so as to disengage them from their original contexts. Several of the images were cut with scissors. A number of out-of-print copies of the publication were destroyed in the making of this show.

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From Ohio Photogmagazine's website (on February 14, 2010):

"The Ohio Photomagazine, first published in January 1995, is an art project in magazine form, a mobile exhibition space for photographic imagery. The joint editors/publishers are two artists from Cologne and Dusseldorf: Uschi Huber and Joerg Paul Janka (until 1998 together with Stefan Schneider and Hans-Peter Feldmann). Ohio publishes in print and video format (DVD) as well as photographs in a box."

"In Ohio the reproductive and everyday charakter [sic] of phtography is more of interest than the aura of a single photo on the wall. Ohio deals entirely with already existing images, it selects and recombines them. Ohio publishes images from very diverse sources and doesn't differenciate between 'genres.' There is a strong focus on non-artistic photography, images come from private and public archives, the daily press, the Internet, from scientists, amateurs . . . "

"Presenting images in a different context opens up new dimensions of meaning and aesthetics, it challanges [sic] the conditions of their interpretation and reeption. The photos are shown entirely without accompanying text, the authors are credited in the imprint."

"Choosing the form of a magazine and working as a collaborative, Ohio establishes an independent position outside the gallery dominated artmarket. Content, presentation and frequency as well as price and distribution are entirely up to the editors. Visibility is created in an independent way. "





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