The Italian Job
A Reading Presented at the California College of Arts
(December 8, 2011)

This 45-minute reading centered on the cancellation of Triple Candie's exhibition on the non-existence of arte povera that was originally scheduled for November 2011 in Turin. The script includes a chronological description of the events as they unfolded, and emails between Triple Candie and Francesco Manacorda, then-director of Artissima, Turin. The image-projection consists of photographs of the Triple Candie directors' modest, two-story Philadelphia home, and images from the canceled exhibition -- floorplans, drawings, photographs, and mock-ups of sculptural surrogates.

For this presentation, Triple Candie read its part; Jens Hoffmann read the part of Artissima. The title is drawn from a 1969 comic caper about a failed gold-heist in Turin .

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