Radio Athènes, Greece, June 14 - 30, 2018

From the press release: "In the context of A BOOK AFFAIR, organized by the Goethe-Institute Athen and Radio Athènes, the DESTE Foundation presents Codex DESTE, a special installation featuring all the publications that have accompanied the Foundation’s exhibitions from 1983 to this day, as well as the 2000 Words series of artist’s monographs. If an art catalogue, more than simply seeing images on paper, is a transcoding in book format of the event-making experience of an art exhibition or of an artwork, the installation Codex DESTE explores the physical dimension of publications in a specially designed environment. This is a material and rhizomatic inquiry into the constitutive role of art catalogues in the exhibitions’ history of the DESTE Foundation. The installation is complemented by the allegorical GOD (2013) by Drocco/Mello + TOILETPAPER and two video projections by Doug Aitken and Seth Price."

The exhibition includes Triple Candie's "Maurizio Cattelan is Dead," as well as the catalogues for the exhibitions "Alpha Omega" and "System of Objects," both of which include Triple Candie projects.




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